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This is actually the beginning of my online sewing diary … oh Im guessing that makes it a blog! 🙂  Now I am realizing that it is actually a needlework diary.  I hope to share the things I make in the coming year as i joined  The Splendid Sampler™  100 Block Mystery Quilt.  I intend to use my stash for a scrappy finished quilt.  Im not much on color themes simply because I just cant decide on so few colors! 🙂

I have been sewing since I was a brownie in the 1970s.  I started with hand embroidery because I wanted those pretty brownie patches for my sash.  Luckily, my Mother loved her needlework and could teach me any form of needlework I wanted to learn.  She had been doing needlework all her life and was taught by my great Aunt Eva and her mother.  She grew up knitting socks for the soldiers in Europe, hats for the hobos that rode the nearby trains, and clothes with her Mother and Aunts for the family.00-Mom and Grandma
Next I learned to crochet and made a multi colored purse.  Later I learned to crochet lace and doilys by following the patterns with yarn.  Mom taught me to knit but as a kid it was painful for me as I thought it was so slow and just couldnt see progress as fast as i could with crocheting.  I could crochet very fast and even without looking, I was proud!

My Moms love of needlework was known and showcased by all those she loved.  Everyone had a custom knit stocking with Mom’s own Christmas designs worked in intarsia.  My Mom traded her knitting for her friends sewing, because she worked as a Director of Nursing and a private duty nurse, and could take her knitting to work.  Mom always said every stitch was a prayer, which as a kid I never understood.  As an accomplished stitcher of many needles, I understand exactly what Mom meant … Every stitch is truly a prayer! 00-MomNurse

Then I learned to sew and boy was I ambitious!  I saw in my American girl magazine, this was long before the dolls, there was a sewing contest and the Grand Prize was a brand new Singer sewing machine — and it had a zig zag stitches!   I was convinced that I could really win that sewing machine.  Up til this time, I had only sewed a few straight lines of stitching to help my Mom make curtains.  Now, I was really going to be sewing my clothes just like my Mom… I was so excited!!  I picked my pattern and it was dress pants and a blazer…  I wanted to make the dress pants.  Mom let me pick the fabric for the pants.  I chose a purple woven polyester (hey, it was the early 70s) and then Mom picked a brown , white and purple coordinating plaid for the blazer.  I didnt want to make the blazer but Mom said to have a chance of winning I had to sew more that just a pair of dress pants.  I didnt like the fabric she picked but I did what she said because I really wanted that sewing machine.  After a few days of going slowly, step by step, with my pattern and Mom checking each step, I learned to sew, even put the zipper in the pants all by myself.  I quickly learned to do my best as Mom said if its not your best there no sense in sewing… and then she politely said to rip it out and try again.  Eventually, it was time for the blazer, Mom taught me how to match plaids and told me that if the plaids didnt match I wouldnt win the sewing machine. Finally my outfit was finished!  I remember it was in the fall, the leaves were turning on the maple tree in our back yard, I put on my purple pants, a white turtleneck pullover, my matching plaid blazer, new school shoes, and began modeling my new outfit.  My Mom took the pictures with the polaroid camera that shot the pictures out the front.  I was well on my way to winning that Singer ZigZag Sewing Machine!   The following spring, I found out that I didnt even get honorable mention…  I was crushed even though I was already sewing without any help.  I know she tried to help me get over my disappointment.  Mom said that matching those plaids was the real accomplishment and now I would always be able to make anything I wanted.

It didnt help then but later in my life I realized Mom was right, I really could sew anything!  I have sewn curtains of all styles, valances, draperies, shower curtains, tents for my cats, beds for my dogs and cats, indoor window shades, outdoor window awnings,  sails for sailboats, bed pillows, decorative pillows, clothing, coats, leashes and collars for my animals, lanyards and key fobs, oven and grill mitts, hotpads, potholders, baby clothes, baby quilts, baby bibs hats and bonnets, furniture covers, hats and clothing of all kinds for kids and adults, quilted Christmas tree skirts, Quilts for the local quilt shop, Quilted table runners, quilted dresser scarves, quilted throws, totebags, purses, handbags, rugs, stuffed animals, quilted wall hangings for both my nieces….
and Im not out of fabric yet! 🙂

You can see some of my sewing here at my Etsy shop — Heartfelt Stitchery

Happy stitching & Lotsa Love …. Robin and Gordon the boy in a cat suit
Updated February 10th, 2016

Please check back often for updates!   Thanks! 


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