Well, I moved from my rural place to somewhere that everything works and the basement doesnt flood.  Whew!  I could never live thru another spring like the spring of 2015 … it was horrible … my newly tilled and planted garden was doing so well and thriving with the rich added nutrients and then BAM!  It flooded and my garden never really recovered to half its growing potential.  Sad wasnt even close to enough to describe the disappointment and let down!

To make the move even “better” I fell down the steps at the old place and sprained both ankles and a knee.  Now a bit of a back story, my bad leg that had 8 surgeries was now going to be my main leg with crutches … not a good idea … IMHO!  Needless to say, I fell down the front steps … again … in the same week … and broke my ankle on the good leg.  Yikes! So, for the next week, my lovely sister, Missy and neighbor, Jen moved the rest of my stuff to the new place.  Im so grateful and blessed!  I felt terrible just sitting around with my leg up on a pillow!!  Once I got the temporary cast off is when the problems began shifting back to the bad leg that had become the main leg.  So my ortho guy said here were my choices, 2 ankle braces with either 2 sturdy shoes or 2 ankle braces with 2 barefeet.  I was ecstatic to get rid of that temporary cast!

Anyways, I moved to this wonderfully built home and Im trying to get all situated and arranged so I can begin concentrating on my sewing again!

Ive been out in the yard for days cleaning up remains for last fall and years of overgrowth. Heres the bulbs that I will plant in a few days …. First is called Peony Sorbet

Peony Sorbet

These are called Daylily Little Missy … Daylily Little Missy

Im so excited to be planting flowers again!