Mighty Girls! I will NEVER understand the constant jealousy and competition of women with other women!   Girls should be taught to stand confidently, in their own skin, with an undying faith, in preparation of becoming women who stand tall on their own and are able to withstand the attacks, however subtle, from those insecure girls that were not raised with confidence!

I was taught to NEVER define yourself by a man, not the man you are dating, not the man you are married to, not by the clothes you wear, not by the car you drive, not by my job, not by my address, not by my home, and certainly not by my possessions … I was defined by God to be a Mighty Girl!

Basically a mighty girl is a one whose Mother taught her there is no other person like her, as God made her to be unique and full of her own ideas that will lead her along the path of Gods Will for her life. I was blessed to have a wonderful Mother that knew and taught me these things!   ❤

she made broken look beautiful